Why is Lane Ronnow a candidate for Mayor of
The City of St. George?

It's not what you've been but what you've done that's important!

Jon Pike has been a St. George City Councilman or the Mayor for the past ten years.
During that time he has done the following:

  1. Mayor Pike advocated for tax increases (Last year's RAP Tax etc.)
    Mr. Ronnow has cut budgets and supervised the operation of public and not for profit corporations more efficiently with the resulting multimillion dollar savings.
  2. Mayor Pike refused to take appropriate action to solve the fiscal and management crisis in the CEC-TV inter local operating agreement.
    (The loss of over a million dollars, while a city representative was chairman of the board of CEC, on the purchase of a satellite access broadcast truck. Truck was never used and recently sold for less that 20% of original purchase price. Along with other problems. CEC-TV subscribers along with your tax dollars are paying for this mismanagement.)
    Mr. Ronnow has media and fiscal management experience to solve this problem.
  3. Mayor Pike refused to take action to solve the selective over enforcement of city codes.
    Code enforcement lawsuit goes on and on and on, almost four years now with no solution in site costing many thousands of dollars of your tax money. Along with the postponement of the appropriate appointment of an "Administrative Law Judge" originally slated to report, inappropriately, to the City Attorney which is a blatant conflict of interest. ALJ should be independent.
Mr. Ronnow has served in the past as a Justice Court Judge and has experience to solve these problems. We could go on and on and on with conflict of interest on boards and many other items.

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